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Last year, Groupe de Bruges developed a unique e-learning platform (in four languages: EN, FR, IT, GE) where all European citizens can engage in learning and discussing the oldest European policy: the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). At any time, in their own way. At the heart of the platform is the website consisting of four parts: CAP GameCAP Basic videosCAP Pro e-learning courseCAP Webinars & CAP Forums

CAP Game: The fun way to learn about serious issues that concern us all every day! Want to know where your food is coming from? How many people get sick from food each year? How much money is spent on farmers? Who's responsible for all this?Play 'Can EU CAP it?' to find out!

CAP Basic: 4 videos that will give you a visual overview of the main topics of the Common Agricultural Policy. Learn your CAP basics in a series of 10 minute videos.

CAP Pro: All four language versions (English, French, German, Italian) of the course, named CAP Pro, are now available. It consists of eight modules, all prepared by academics and other renowned experts. Thanks to a grant by the European Commission we can offer the CAP Pro course for free this CAP Pro leaflet.

CAP Webinars: A series of webinars each month experts will give a 30 minutes webinar on one of the current issues in the implementation of the CAP. Go to the ‘Can EU CAP it?’ website to find out more. 

CAP Forums: A free space where everybody can share their opinions and experiences of the CAP and the learning platform, provide feedback and discuss with experts and other participants.

This project has also been made possible thanks to financial contribution of the European Commission. 

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Developed by Groupe de Bruges in cooperation with SFYN and CEJA

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