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The CAP Cook Book has a unique vision and structure. It is intended to make the CAP more ‘digestible’ for a larger audience that is not familiar with the technical jargon that characterizes so much of the CAP regulations. This hinders the involvement of the general public in the debate on the future of European agriculture and rural areas and related policies. The CAP Cook Book is connected to the CAP Cooking events on seven European farms, a combination of open doors, presentations by experts and cookery classes by local chefs with local products.

As you read this, the CAP Cook Book is now in full production stage; printing will start end of April 2016. This means we will start shipping the books around April at the latest. You can pre-order your copy today for € 19.99, shipping costs excluded.

Free Preview (PDF) can be found below!


What’s in the Book?

This one-of-a-kind CAP Cook Book is a printed book offering a unique perspective about the CAP. You’ll learn practical information on the CAP both general and by country, explore real recipes of Slow Food chefs and portraits of (young) farmers from across Europe explaining how they implement the CAP to make agriculture both more sustainable and more competitive. We also feature interviews, short essays of experts and stakeholders, giving their views on the new CAP and its implementation.

Well-respected professionals, farmers & chefs are working with us to provide exciting and comprehensive chapters:

  • CAP 2014-2020, general overview
  • Portrait of French farmer, Recipe France, National implementation CAP France
  • CAP and greening
  • Intermezzo: land and soils
  • Portrait German farmer, Recipe Germany, National implementation CAP Germany
  • CAP and innovation and knowledge transfer
  • Intermezzo: CAP and the rest of the world (WTO, TTIP)
  • Portrait Polish farmer, Recipe Poland, National implementation CAP Poland
  • CAP and generational renewal
  • Portrait Dutch farmer (Jaring Brunia), Recipe Netherlands, National implementation CAP Netherlands
  • CAP and public goods management
  • Intermezzo: cooperation
  • Portrait Irish farmer, Recipe Irish chef, National implementation CAP Ireland
  • CAP and organic farming
  • Portrait Italian farmer (M. Bartolini), Recipe Italy, National implementation CAP Italy
  • CAP and local products
  • Intermezzo: the role of consumers
  • Portrait Bulgarian farmer, Recipe Bulgaria, National implementation CAP Bulgaria
  • CAP and small farmers
  • Portrait Danish farmer, Recipe Denmark, National implementation CAP Denmark
  • Essay, CAP and public health
  • Intermezzo: urban agriculture
  • Conclusion: recipes for a better policy implementation


Features of the Book

If you pre-order the CAP Cook Book now, you’ll pay just € 19.99 (shipping excluded) and will get:

  • A solid printed book,
  • Quality binding,
  • 130 pages with full-color images on coated paper,
  • Worldwide availability

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FAQ's: Here are some frequently asked questions and answers related to the CAP Cook Book sales

Contents and Format of the CAP Cook Book

  • Is CAP Cook Book an update, a new edition or a completely new book? 

The content was written from scratch, specifically for the book. It’s a completely new book.

  • Is CAP Cook Book available as eBook? 

Yes, it's coming soon! The HTML5 version of the book will be available from May 2016. This version will contain extra features such as farm videos and additional information about the recipes and products. The price of this eBook will be € 9.99.

  • Will the book be available in other languages? 

This project is depending on the funding from European Commission, so we unfortunatelly don't have the resources available for the transaltion at this moment. If you would like to see this book translated in your language, please contact our book sales manager, Bart Soldaat.

 Payment, Costs, Shipping

  •  Can I order more than one copy?

Yes, of course! Please contact us, as you will have substantial discount on the shipping costs

  •  Can I get a bulk discount?

Yes, of course! Please contact our book sales manager, Bart Soldaat. He will be glad to answer all of your questions!

  •  I didn't receive a confirmation email (invoice)

 Please check your SPAM. 

  • What are the shipping costs for my country?

The shipping costs are still being established. We will keep you updated! Please prepare about € 10 for the cost.

  • What are the delivery times for my country?

Allow 2 weeks from the order for the book to be dispatched to you via Post.

  • What payment methods are accepted?

We only support PayPal at this moment. Contact us if you have trouble paying via Paypal on individual basis. 

  • I’m experiencing problems with the check-out! 

You can contact our support team which will be happy to help you.  

  • I have a problem not discussed here.

Please contact the CAP Cook Book support team. We would love to help you in any way we can!

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Disclaimer: This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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