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Despite the wish to make the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) simpler, the outcome of the 2013’ reform is that it has become more complex. This is the case for the direct payments to farmers, but also due to the fact that individual Member States have greater degrees of freedom to tailor measures to local and national conditions.

The end result is that for the general public and in particular for neophyte the CAP has become more inaccessible and more incomprehensible.

The objective of the 'CAP, What’s Cooking?' book is to make the new CAP more ‘digestible’ so that people get a better understanding of this policy and of the future of agriculture, food and rural areas. So what better way to do this than through food and cooking?

The CAP Cook Book

CAP Cook Book itself is intended to make the CAP more ‘digestible’ for a larger audience that is not familiar with the technical jargon that characterizes so much of the CAP regulations and which hinders the involvement of the general public in the debate on the future of European agriculture and rural areas and related policies.

The Book preview & ORDERING is now available! 

About this Project

In April 2016 the CAP Cook Book was published with basic CAP information, farm portraits and delicious recipes from local chefs, that you can try at home. A French version has been published in March 2017.

The CAP Cook Book sales are now live and you can also download PDF. Sign up for our newsletter to be kept updated and to be eligible for a substantial discount on your purchase.

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